a shop with history catering for it's community

the hutch at the side of the shop


The site of the Bundarra General Store was originally built as hotel in 1861 and in 1902 Joseph Reynolds called for artisans and carpenter tenders to rebuild the building as a General store. The complex which is intact today, consists of the house known as "the Braes", a cellar, a storehouse and the shop.

In 1929 Arthur Cecil and Daisy Ethel Yee bought the Bundarra General Store and ran the business for 43 years until 1972, incorporating the business as Kwong Sing & Company Ltd after the war.

It is unusual for an immigrant from China to have had held a company in rural Australia for such a duration and to have been so well respected in the community. When Arthur and Daisy retired in 1973 the citizens of Bundarra gave them a public farewell to thank them for their contribution.

This next photo shows Arthur and Daisy on the left in front of the General Store with the shop decorated for Christmas, as was the tradition, with pines and sapplings tied to all of the verandah posts and flags decorating the shop.

arthur and daisy

Once Daisy and Arthur retired, the Bundarra General Store then changed hands four times but remained integral to the heart of the local community. Dave and Mel Lowell took the reins in 2000 and are the current owners.

The general store has continually serviced the village of Bundarra since 1902 and continues to do so today.

Mel and Dave have always been proud supporters of the local community, sponsors of the local Pre-School, the Bundarra Central School, local show and campdraft events to name a few. They are also both actively involved in local community groups.

community services

Centerlink access point

There is a Centerlink Access Point computer available at the store most times of the week.

This service is incredibly valuable to the community who would otherwise have to travel to Inverell or Armidale to access this service.

Australia Post pick-up mail point

From early September 2016 the Bundarra Autralia Post Pick-up Mail point is at the Bundarra General Store, due to the official Bundarra Post Office closing until further notice.

Nearest official Australia Post for any requirements to go to an official Australia Post store, is either Gilgai, Inverell or Armidale.